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1. All firearms must be unloaded until reaching the firing line. They must be holstered or carried with the action open and pointed upward.

2. When at the firing line, the muzzle must be pointed down range at all times.

3. Firearms are to be loaded only at the firing line and within the confines of the shooting booth. Magazines may be loaded in the seating areas. Leave the firearm on the shooting bench.

4. Loaded firearms are not to be carried beyond the shooter’s booth position. If you must temporarily leave the firing line, lay the firearm down on the shooting bench with the muzzle pointing down range with the action open and visible.

5. Do not carry a jammed firearm away from the firing line. Lay it down with the muzzle pointed down range and call the rangemaster.

6. When ready to leave, unload and holster the firearm or open the action and point the muzzle upward.


1. Factory loaded and reloaded ammunition is permitted. All pistol caliber ammo is acceptable. Frangible ammunition is required for all rifle caliber firearms.

2. The rangemaster may inspect all firearms and ammunition and may prohibit their use if deemed unsafe or exceeding the range capabilities.

3. Metal piercing, incendiary, tracer or exploding ammunition is not allowed.


1. The rangemaster will remove any shooter using a firearm in a careless or unsafe manner.

2. Quick draw and hip shooting is not allowed.

3. Shoot only at your authorized target. Anyone seen shooting across the range at other targets, shooting at range equipment, or at target carriers, tracks or cables will be dismissed from the range and will pay for damaged equipment.


1. Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times by all persons in the range.

2. Minimum age for shooting is 13 unless participating in a competition.

3. Minors must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

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