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The National Association of Chiefs of Police Introduces STEP and LEEP

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Our civilian Safety Training Education Program (STEP) program grew out of our desire to give you the best possible safety and firearms training through world-class instructors.

Check out the syllabus with ALL the classes we offer HERE. Classes are divided into four levels (from beginner to tactical), with each class offering credits that you accrue by filling out a Student Registration Card every class. You then become eligible for discounts, free training, or advance notice of Special Training Opportunities (STOs). 

Some classes are offered year-round while others are periodic, much like a college curriculum. If you take enough classes to earn 50 credit hours, you receive a “Tactical Proficiency” diploma signed off on by National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP) instructors. This diploma certifies that you have completed coursework necessary for competent concealed carry defensive techniques as recommended by NACOP officials.


Our trainers are world-class law enforcement, military, NRA, and USCCA trainers who offer training in our venue for less than you would typically pay elsewhere.

To receive the Tactical Proficiency Diploma, the following criteria must be met: at least two NACOP instructors must sign off on your request; credits must include: at least 6 credit hours from level II, 8 from level III & 12 from level IV. In levels III & IV, some classes may be taken up to three times for full credit per class.


You can sign up for classes by clicking on the class of your choice on the STEP Calendar on the Shooting Center Home Page (www.shooting-center.org). If you have questions, email Tarae@aphf.org.


Law enforcement leaders will tell you that when finances are tight the training budget is the first casualty. 


The National Association of Chiefs of Police’s (NACOP) new Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) offers world class tactical/strategic training with the nation’s premiere instructors at little or no cost to LEOs or their agencies -- and LEOs will also receive mandatory retraining credit, thanks to our partnership with Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

For 30 years, NACOP has annually surveyed command LE staff about challenges they face. The need for more, better training has been a consistent theme. Even as agencies acknowledge the importance of tactical education, the number of agencies that actually make it available, let alone a priority, remains between 50-60%, leaving 40-50% of officers with no mandated or supported annual training in defensive techniques, force-on-force, defensive driving and more.

Beyond simply reporting these realities, NACOP’s Board of Directors has charged the organization with taking action to change those numbers and, in so doing, protect both law enforcement and civilian lives.

Trainers will include authorities like Dave "Boon" Benton of 13 Hours/Benghazi fame, CQB expert Fred Mastison, Retired FBI Agent Ed Mireles, SOCOM hand-to-hand expert Paul Pawela, "American Warrior" Gary O'Neal, and a host of other highly skilled trainers, including NACOP's own tactical experts.

To find out about upcoming classes, or to support through grant or sponsorship our efforts to provide training and equipment to officers at no cost, please contact Tara Dixon Engel at Tarae@aphf.org.