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2019-2020 Syllabus

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Level I: The most basic level of training. Students who have never shot a weapon before or are unfamiliar with firearms basics or personal defense, or want a Concealed Weapon License (CWL) should begin here.

Beginners Stress-free Handgun Class – PRE-REQUISITE if you have no shooting experience. Designed for those uncertain but curious about firearms, or those who are simply unfamiliar with them. Class offers about 3 hours of basic firearms instruction, including the chance to shoot laser guns, as well as time in our use-of-force simulator. The class addresses parts and types of guns, selecting the proper gun for your needs, understanding the personal defense mindset and storing/maintaining your firearm. Class may offer opportunity to fire a gun on the range, if students feel ready. 3-4 hours. $50. 2 credits. (Tara Dixon Engel)

Special "Stress-free Handgun Class" -- We can do Ladies Only classes and can also organize a class at our facility in an executive lounge setting with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Want to do an unusual birthday party? A girls day out? A truly memorable bridesmaids gathering? Treat your peeps to an afternoon of laid-back firearms instruction and simulator use with highly qualified female instructors, munchies and the chance to fire a 9 mm firearm under careful supervision (gun rental, one box of ammo, target, ear protection & eye protection included). 4-5 hours $90 per person. 1 credit. 

Handgun Defense Fundamentals & Concealed Carry Class – This class walks you through fundamentals of marksmanship, safety and personal defense, and the responsibility of carrying concealed. Gives you live fire time and exercises, concludes with a qualification certificate for CWL. 4-5 hours. $60. 3 credits. (Tara Dixon Engel/John Falldorf)

Florida Concealed Carry Class – Class is geared toward experienced shooters who want to understand the philosophy and legalities behind concealed carry. Limited range time, concludes with a qualification certificate for CWL. 3 hours. $50. 2 credits. (Varied Instructors)

Senior Handgun Refresher – A fundamentals class for those who used to shoot or are just exploring it in the “post 50” years. The class takes into account mobility and dexterity issues familiar to seniors. It works on perfecting shooting style, within the physical limitations of age. 3.5 hours. 2 credits. $35: for an additional $15 fee, instructors will qualify you for your concealed carry certificate during range time.  (Varied Instructors)

Pistol Marksmanship 101 -- A basic class to help shooters understand the draw stroke and the fundamentals of successful defensive shooting. Designed to help you take the first step toward more advanced tactical classes. Class will help students become more comfortable with range commands, shooting in close proximity to others, maintaining safe gun handling under stress and other tactical musts. 3 hours. $50. 2 credits. (Royce Bartlett)

Introduction to Hand-to-Hand -- Even if you don’t choose to carry a firearm, it is still important to understand how to protect yourself and others. This class, taught by former SOCOM hand-to-hand expert Paul Pawela will start you on the road to disabling your assailant without firing a shot. 3 hours. $50. 2 credits. (Paul Pawela)

USCCA Home Defense and Handgun Fundamentals -- This comprehensive training class can be taught with or without a shooting component. The class offers a common sense, detailed approach to defending your home and your life with a firearm. Class may be taught off-site or at the facility. 4-6 hours. $65/$85 (non-shooting/shooting). 4 credits. (Royce Bartlett, Tara Dixon Engel, John Falldorf)

Youth Handgun -- Statistics show that young people who are taught to respect firearms do not misuse them, and that children as young as 11 have used firearms to defend against attackers. This class is open to ages 14-19 and provides fundamentals of gun handling and basics of personal defense. Parent or legal guardian must attend (at no charge) with the student for this class. 4 hours. $40. 2 credits. (Royce Bartlett) A corresponding Youth Carbine class will also be offered, and will alternate with the Youth Handgun class.

Level II: Recommended classes/sessions before transitioning to more tactical training. The sessions will familiarize you with standard range practices and give you time/training to refine your form.

Introduction to the Range – This 3-4 hour course completes the transition from stationary shooting to tactical shooting by teaching proper gear (gun, clothing, holsters, belts, mag pouches, ammo, etc) and which gear is appropriate to you. The class also methodically stresses the draw stroke, shoot/no-shoot scenarios, administrative reloads, reloads under fire, as well as single hand/off-hand shooting. The class will prepare you for the challenging classes in Level III and IV. This class will also have sample equipment available to examine and try out, which can then be ordered or purchased at the end of the class. 3 hours. $60. 3 credits. (Varied Instructors)

Basic Defensive Pistol Class -- Learn basic defensive handgun marksmanship, safe weapon manipulation, malfunction clearing, magazine changes/reloading, post-incident communications with first responders, and more. Bring 150 rounds, your handgun, spare magazines, and a will to learn. 4 hours. $65. 3 credits. (Royce Bartlett)

Tactical/Practical (aka Tac/Prac) – This weekly training event takes only a few minutes and allows you to move through a tactical course and test your skills in dealing with unexpected situations and threats. The courses of fire normally include 10 photographic targets of “bad guys” with guns. Participants are instructed to engage the “aggressors” with at least 3 rounds, more if desired or needed. The targets are set up in spaces partitioned off with improvised “walls.” $10 per session. Six Tac Prac sessions will earn you 3 credits. (Maximum of six credits available) (Gary Weeks)

Tac-Prac Air Soft -- This periodic training event builds on the intensity of traditional Tac Prac, with the added stress dimension of having targets that “shoot back.” Students will be tested in their observational/ reaction skills in this exercise. Attending six Air Soft sessions earns you 3 credits. $10 per session. (Maximum of six credits available) (Gary Weeks)

Senior Tactical Introduction -- A tactical class that accommodates those 50 and up who may be unfamiliar with, or uneasy with, moving and shooting, low light, tactical encounters, etc. The class requires seniors to have taken the Senior Handgun Refresher. REQUIRED Equipment: sturdy belt, hard kydex holster, gun, mag pouches and 100 rounds of ammo. Will learn draw stroke, point index and marksmanship, one-handed shooting, shooting from a wheelchair or walker and more. 3 hours. $75. 3 credits. (Royce Bartlett, Tara Dixon Engel, John Falldorf)


Basic Pistol Course – The 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol Course goes into extensive detail on gun safety rules, parts of a gun, basics of ammunition, marksmanship fundamentals, proper gun cleaning, storage and more. 8 hours. $125. 4 credits. (Varied Instructors)
USCCA Concealed Carry Course -- Course includes everything featured in the USCCA Handgun Fundamentals and Home Defense course, only with Concealed Carry components, Florida laws and shooting qualification. Comprehensive course. 6 hours. $100. 4 credits. (Varied Instructors)

USCCA Active Shooter Defense -- Offered at our facility or you can request that it be presented on-site to your church, school, business or organization. Provides analysis of data collected from previous mass shooter incidents, assists with development of comprehensive plan for your household, business, church or organization. Teaches “Run, Hide, Fight” approach. 4-6 hours. 3 credits. $65/$85 (non-shooting/shooting) (Tara Dixon Engel/John Falldorf)

Level III: This level gets down to business with the fine points of building competence and making wise tactical choices: when to shoot, when to retreat, how to deal with the emotional/physical impact of a personal defense encounter.


Advanced Defensive Pistol Class -- This class is for those who have completed at least one Level I and one Level II session. Bring a carry pistol, kydex holster, spare mag pouch, 200 rounds of ammo, eye/ear protection, close-toed shoes, and a will to learn. The class expands on what you learned in Introduction to the range, Tac-Prac or ladies training. This class will emphasize moving and shooting, draw stroke, shoot/no-shoot, shooting under duress and more. Emphasis on building your confidence and competence. 4 hours. $100. 3 credits. (Royce Bartlett)

Ladies-Only Defensive Handgun Class – Personal defense for women and by women featuring draw stroke, moving & shooting, clearing malfunctions, proper gear and mindset. 5 hours. $100. 4 credits. (Varied Instructors)

Realistic Scenario Training – This non-shooting class places you in various realistic scenarios where you have to make shoot/no-shoot decisions (using laser guns, etc.). Test yourself on how you react, what you say and do. Refine your responses in a hand-to-hand situation. No equipment needed. 3 hours. $85. 3 credits. (Paul Pawela)

Man Camp and Wo-Man Camp – Offered in partnership with Assault Counter Tactics, these two courses push both genders (separately) to refine their tactical skill at a high level. Special guests, special activities, day-long intensity. 7 hours. $150. 3 credits. (Paul Pawela)

Intermediate Hand-to-Hand --The next step in acquiring the skills and knowledge to defend yourself when a gun is unavailable or rendered useless. Instructor has been inducted into four martial arts halls of fame. 3 hours. $75. 3 credits. (Paul Pawela)

Level IV: This level offers advanced, intensive training from some of the top trainers in the country, those affiliated with NACOP and those brought in by NACOP specifically to offer specialized tactical education.

Realistic Self Defense – Builds on lessons learned in level III with guidance on using your handgun in a real defensive encounter. Lessons include shooting two-handed, one-handed dominant, and one-handed support, shooting while on your knees, bottom, back & stomach, shooting on the move, and shoot/no-shoot scenarios. 4 hours. $100. 3 credits. (Paul Pawela)

Couples Team Tactics – This intensive course teaches you how to work in tandem with another person, whether a friend, significant other or partner. Advanced tactics and stressors featured. 7 hours. $200. 4 credits. (Paul Pawela)

Specialized Training Opportunities (STO) – These special, periodic sessions feature world-class trainers ranging from Dave “Boon” Benton and Gary O’Neal, to Ed Mireles and NACOP VP Chief Brian Smith, as well as many others. Check The Shooting Center training calendar for listings! Each session is worth up to 4 credits. Cost is session-specific. (Multiple Instructors)

Advanced Carry for Women – Tactical shooting for women by women. This class features multiple positions, split second decision-making, cover and concealment and more. 6 hours. $125. 4 credits (Varied Instructors)

Advanced Hand-to-Hand --The next step in acquiring the skills and knowledge to defend yourself when a gun is unavailable or useless. Instructor has been inducted into four martial arts halls of fame. 3 hours. $100. 4 credits (Paul Pawela)

Advanced Defensive Pistol Class – Follow-on to the Level III Basic Defensive Pistol Class. Includes realistic scenarios, stress introduction - physical and mental, shooting & moving, shooting from cover, shoot/no-shoot, and more. 4 hours. $125. 4 credits. (Royce Bartlett)

Counter Car-Jacking Training -- Scenario-based class on what to do if you are in a car jacking situation or encounter someone with road rage. No live ammo. All equipment provided. A portion of the class will be taught outside. Please bring water and a snack. There will be a one hour lunch break: 7 hours. $150. 4 credits (Paul Pawela)

Survival Shooting – What do you do when you have no choice but to defend yourself or others? How do you survive? This range-intensive, four hour class will pack a lot of moving and shooting, shooting from concealment, mindset analysis, and more. Taught by a retired LEO with 27 years of street duty, and as an LE firearms trainer and LE competitive shooter. MUST have your own gun, an IDPA or IPSC holster and belt, at least three magazines, appropriate range wear and prior training with firearms & 500 rounds. 4 hours. $125. 4 credits. (John Falldorf)

Future Classes: Rendering Critical Care, Concealed Carry in Everyday Clothes, Air Soft Personal Defense Scenarios, Tactial Jiu-jitsu and more. A new syllabus will be provided as more classes are introduced.


New classes will be posted on the training calendar as they are finalized: www.shooting-center.org.

Don’t forget our state-of-the art shooting simulator; available to the public at $25 per half hour for up to 10 people at a time. Call for details! Any questions regarding the Syllabus, email Tarae@aphf.org.