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The gold standard in submachine guns has long been the Heckler & Koch MP-5.  The MP-5 is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, having been adopted by 40 nations and numerous military, law enforcement, intelligence and security organizations.  It is widely used by SWAT teams in North America.  With a cycling rate of 800 rounds per minute, or about 13 rounds per second, this firearm can empty a 30 round magazine in an amazing 2.25 seconds.


The KRISS Vector Gen II submachine gun represents a new approach to submachine gun design.  This gun was engineered to mitigate recoil and it has a very low bore axis.  This firearm has a cycling rate of 1,200 rounds per minute, that is 20 rounds per second, and this firearm can empty its 32 round magazine in an adrenaline filled 1.6 seconds!


We have two different machine gun packages.  You may rent either the MP-5 or the KRISS for $50 which includes 30 rounds of ammunition, lane fee, eye and ear protection, and 2 targets.  Or, you may rent both machine guns for $90 which includes 60 rounds of ammunition, lane fee, eye and ear protection, and 4 targets.  Either way you go, we provide an ‘angel’ to help you out.  Come in and fire a machine gun today!

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