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The National Association of Chiefs of Police Introduces STEP and LEEP
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    Developed by The National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP), the civilian Safety Training Education Program (STEP) program grew out of our desire to give you the best possible safety and firearms training through world-class instructors.

    By visiting our STEP web site and calendar -- -- you will find a large variety of classes, with varying levels of complexity. Check out the syllabus and see what may be coming up -- and go to the Instructor Bio page to see the caliber of trainers available through this innovative approach to firearms and safety instruction!

    Classes are divided into four levels (from beginner to tactical), with each class offering credits that you accrue by filling out a Student Registration Card every class. You then become eligible for discounts, free training, or advance notice of Special Training Opportunities (STOs). 

    Some classes are offered year-round while others are periodic, much like a college curriculum. If you take enough classes to earn 50 credit hours, you receive a “Tactical Proficiency” diploma signed off on by National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP) instructors. This diploma certifies that you have completed coursework necessary for competent concealed carry defensive techniques as recommended by NACOP officials.

    Questions? Contact Tara Dixon Engel, VP of Training & Strategic Development at


    Law enforcement leaders will tell you that when finances are tight the training budget is the first casualty. 

    The National Association of Chiefs of Police’s (NACOP) new Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) offers world class tactical/strategic training with the nation’s premiere instructors at little or no cost to LEOs or their agencies -- and LEOs will also receive mandatory retraining credit, thanks to our partnership with Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

    By visiting our LEEP web page and calendar -- -- you can see for yourself our exciting array of world class tactical and strategic training presented by some of the most well-known names in Defensive Tactics and gun handling.

    Trainers will include authorities like Dave "Boon" Benton of 13 Hours/Benghazi fame, CQB expert Fred Mastison, Retired FBI Agent Ed Mireles, Tactical expert Michael Lazarus, current LEO and nationally known firearms trainer Matt Mallory, NACOP VP and three-time Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Chief Brian Smith, and a host of other highly skilled trainers, including NACOP's own tactical experts, including FDLE-certified Instructor John Falldorf, himself a retired law enforcement and previously one of the top competitive law enforcement shooters in the country.

    Questions? Contact Tara Dixon Engel, VP of Training & Strategic Development at

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