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The Shooting Center runs two leagues in which shooters may participate: 


 Handgun League  (Teams) 

  • Shoots on Tuesday or Thursday nights all season long unless your team makes the league championship

  • $300 fee for the season, all teams shoot at least 11 matches

  • 9 person roster, 6 shoot per night, best 4 scores are tallied

  • Timed 30-round course of fire, IDPA targets

          20’, 6 rounds, 12 seconds head shots

          25’, 6 rounds, 12 seconds head shots

         30’, 6 rounds, 12 seconds center mass shots

         40’, 6 rounds, 15 seconds center mass shots

         50’, 6 rounds, 20 seconds center mass shots

  • Medals and prizes: Most Valuable Shooter, Most Improved Shooter, Iron Horse, High Lady, League Champions, Night Champions


To Join: You can join the Handgun League at just about any time. Let one of our Range Masters know if you have a team (or we can place you on an existing team).  

 Tactical/Practical League (Individuals) 


This is as realistic as you can get with live ammunition!  We use photographic targets and simulate real-world scenarios.  This is how you learn to act and how to really use your firearm in defensive situations!

  • $10.00 shoot course of fire, you may also shoot before and/or after you shoot the Tac/Prac for no charge

  • 30 round course of fire that changes every week

  • Corners, low light/no light, shooting while moving, moving targets, hostage situations, rooms, hallways

  • Scores are determined by penalties for misses plus time to shoot the course of fire

  • Minimum of 9 out of 12 matches, or shoot when you can make it.

  • Starts at Noon every Friday

  • Medals & prizes top 3 finishers for the season

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