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Gary Weeks, Range Master, is an NRA-certified pistol instructor. He coordinates the "Tactical/Practical" match shot each Friday at the Shooting Center and he has been involved with it since 2011.  His interests include competition shooting in 3-Gun, Action Steel and any competition allowing Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC).  Helping others with shooting, promoting firearm safety and growing the shooting sports are his aspirations.



Tim Caulfield, Assistant Range Master, is a certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and Basic Handgun Instructor and he is also FDLE certified as a firearms and shoothouse instructor. Tim has 30 years of law enforcement experience in which he held several positions including SWAT Operator/Medic Tactical Team Member and K9 handler/trainer.  Being associated with the American Police Hall of Fame and the Shooting Center is Tim's way of "carrying on the legacy of his brothers and sisters in law enforcement, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Glenda Schweer, Assistant Range Master, is a certified USCCA instructor in Concealed Carry, Home Defense and other disciplines. She is also an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, a NACOP-endorsed instructor and the weekend Assistant Rangemaster at The Shooting Center.  Glenda serves as facilitator for the ladies-only defensive shooting group Sisters-in-Arms.  She teaches numerous courses at The American Police Hall of Fame, including FL Concealed Carry, Defensive Pistol, Concealed Carry & Home Defense, Children’s Firearms & Safety, Women’s Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals, and Handgun 101.  She is an avid student as well as an avid instructor and continues to advance her education in order to constantly update and enhance the content she offers her students.

Michael H. Richards, Assistant Range Master, has been into shooting for over 50 years. He is an ordained minister and was a police chaplain for many years. He has experience in pistols, revolvers and rifles. He is an NRA
Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He loves to teach, both in the classroom and
on the range. He enjoys talking to the people at the range and helping them improve their skills.

Bill Deen has 32 years of experience as a federal law enforcement officer. He was an Agent with the D.E.A, a Park Ranger For the National Park Service and worked for the U.S. Public Health Service. He is a certified Firearms Instructor trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.




Ben Gruda is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, camping, hunting and hiking. He also enjoys shooting
and reloading. He is a Hunter Safety Instructor (NJ), a Rifle Marksmanship Instructor, Chief Instructor
and Charter Member of the Central Jersey Rod & Gun Club, and has been a member of the Clarkson
University and Norfolk (NY) Rod & Gun Club’s Pistol Teams. He is NRA Certified in Pistol, Rifle, Home
Firearms Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, and Range Safety Officer.

David Moore is an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer who loves AR-15's and pistol-caliber carbines. He is a Deputy with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and has experience in pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. 

Edwin Millan is a Naval Desert Storm/Shield veteran who also served as a Border Patrol Agent for 26 years.
During that time, Edwin participated in 78 firearms qualification courses, and his assignments included
EMT, K9 Handler, Chaplain, and Air Crew Member. Edwin is fluent in English and Spanish and his
priorities are honoring faith, family, first responders, and fishing.


Hannah Centore is an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer who really enjoys working with shooters during the Ladies Only shooting times.  Her other firearms passions include promoting safe and responsible firearm use through education and hands-on training, and sharing range etiquette practices. 


Michelle Parker is a certified USCCA instructor in Concealed Carry, Home Defense and other disciplines.  She is also a NRA credentialed Range Safety Officer, Certified Concealed Carry, and Basic Pistol.  Michelle is a NACOP Endorsed instructor who started shooting six years ago and hasn't stopped training and growing ever since.  One of her favorite range activities is working with new shooters.  As often as she can, she enjoys competitive shooting in Action Steel and 3-Gun matches. 

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