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Steven Forester’s has an amazing knowledge of firearms that stems from his 22 years of law enforcement experience. He’s a lifelong handgun shooter and is NRA Certified in pistols, rifles and Personal Protection. His great people skills enhance his ability to assist shooters of all skill levels to hone their marksmanship.






Bill Deen has 32 years of experience as a federal law enforcement officer. He was an Agent with the D.E.A, a Park Ranger For the National Park Service and worked for the U.S. Public Health Service. He is a certified Firearms Instructor trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.




Gretchen Laiuppa is an Assistant Range Master with 8 years of shooting experience.  She is an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer.  She is bilingual (English/Spanish) and her passion is to help ladies participate in shooting sports and enhance their shooting skills.




Bob Fowler is an NRA certified pistol instructor and he has been involved in firearms and the firearms industry for decades.  He has been involved in many shooting disciplines over the years and loves to teach on any and all subjects.  His current firearms passion is Tactical/Practical shooting.





Gary Weeks is an NRA certified pistol instructor and Assistant Range Master.

He coordinates the "Tactical/Practical" match shot each Friday at the Shooting Center and he has been involved with it since 2011.  His interests include competition shooting in 3-Gun, Action Steel and any competition allowing Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC).  Helping others with shooting, promoting firearm safety and growing the shooting sports are his aspirations.



Andreas Wiechmann is an NRA certified firearms instructor with over 18 years of shooting/firearms experience. He enjoys assisting and instructing shooters of all skill levels.